The leader of Turkish Cement Industry in terms of capacity and sales, OYAK Cement Group carries out its operations through 4 factories and in 6 geographic regions. Along with the mottos of efficiency, creativity and being profit-oriented, The Group's vision is to enhance the utilization of cement and be a respectful, trustworthy and leader company which is effective in national market. The companies are horizontally integrated in terms of management and strategic decision-making. OYAK also owns the biggest RMC company in Turkey, OYAK Beton, the only kraft paper producing and packaging company OYKA and a foreign trade company, OYTAS.

Current production capacities in OYAK Cement Group factories:

Adana Çimento : 2.3 Million T/Y clinker, 4.5 Million T/Y cement
Bolu Çimento : 1.5 Million T/Y clinker, 3.0 Million T/Y cement
Ünye Çimento : 1.5 Million T/Y clinker, 2.6 Million T/Y cement
Mardin Çimento : 2.0 Million T/Y clinker, 2.0 Million T/Y cement
OYAK Beton : 4.5 Million m3/Y ready-mix
OYKA : 80,000 T/Y paper, 150 Million Units/Y sack
OYTAŞ : 1 Million+ T/Y steamcoal and petrocoke purchase, 1.5 Million+ T/Y cement and clinker exports

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